Burst Pipe: Type of Water Pipe Tends To Burst

Polybutylene was very popular back then in ‘90s era. It is considered as a cheap option for plumbing which also offers great durability if you do not want to spend your money to buy copper. But it seems like it is not going to be that way anymore. The breakage and leak in the polybutylene pipe will happen, can cause the burst pipe and it is about the time after all.

According to the plumber expert, this pipe is unstable. After a class action lawsuit that was settled for USD 950 million against the manufacturers of polybutylene, builders never consider using this material again for plumbing pipes. The potential hazard along with the shifting foundation is too much to take.

Why are polybutylene pipes not good for your home?

Polybutylene itself is a material that easily prone to fractures. Over time, it could lead to serious plumbing issue and dramatic tragedy. When the installation is poor, the piping could fail right at its joints.

These incompatibilities will cause at least two consequences. If the leak of plumbing is left undetected, it could be a silent killer. It will grow mold on the wall because the water is seeping behind the drywall of your home. Besides, it also causes water damage. The next consequence is that you may find the burst pipe could be hard to recover from this instant catastrophe.

burst pipe

How to know if you have the polybutylene piping?

Buying a home is a big investment, even one of the biggest ones in your life. The faulty plumbing system is the last thing you want to expect from purchasing home. It could be uprooting your finance as well as your insurance. So, it is important to understand if your home’s piping system is including polybutylene or not, since it could hugely affect your home’s worth and also the future.

This type of pipe is available in various colors and it is installed in many locations. Commonly you will find the plumbing system inside the ground or sometimes on the home’s exterior around the water heater. The shape is curvy since it is pretty flexible.

But if you are not so sure then you can hire a professional to inspect your plumbing system.

What to do if polybutylene piping is in your home?

The best option if you find out this thing is replacing it as soon as you can. In Florida, a high concentration of chlorine is found in water every year. Chlorine will soon react with polybutylene pipe and fitting. It could cause flake, brittle, and scale. Over time, it will lead to fractures, which also decrease the integrity of the structure.

Replacing the pipe is the only best way you can do, even though it will be expensive. But if you do not replace it then you may expect fatal fail on the plumbing system. If you want inexpensive option then you can try PEX and PVC. Replacing all polybutylene pipes will reduce the risk of failure on your plumbing. Besides, the resale value of the house without polybutylene pipe is pretty great and stable.

To replace the pipes, you need the best assistance to help you. Call us for a professional plumber to help you replace your pipe into the most suitable pipes you need.

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