Importance of a Clean Grease Trap

It is very important that you know how to clean the grease trap yourself. If you always rely on professional service for cleaning, it would certainly be expensive on your part. Cleaning grease trap might not be that easily, but it is rewarding.

Fat, great and oil could clog not only septic tanks but grease traps as well. As time goes by, there will be a major build-up in your grease trap so ensure that you check it regularly and clean it if needed. Failure to do so could lead to major problems such as:

  • Manhole overflows
  • Sewage spills
  • Environmental problems
  • Property damage
  • Health hazard

To make sure that your property is safe and away from common plumbing issues, better have your grease trap cleaned in a regular basis. There are now a lot of guides that you could find online to help you do this.

Even though your home does not produce many grease and oil, there is a chance that it could accumulate in time in your trap. It could not only result to damages in the device but also could result to different health hazards.

Dangerous Wastes in Grease Trap

  • Mold
  • Spoiled food
  • Bacteria
  • Other kitchen wastes

If the waste trap is not properly cleaned or treated, it would certainly cause a major problem in time. Since you are the one who could personally check this part of your plumbing, see to it that you remind yourself of its regular cleaning.

More Issues with unclean Grease Trap

The unwanted odor in your grease trap could affect the air quality in your home. The untreated waste in the trap could emit some particles that could go to the air-conditioning system.

Also, this waste could attract pests such as roaches and rats. Since you don’t want these pests to constantly roam in your place, see to it that you waste trap is clean.

The purpose of this grease trap is to ensure that oil and grease do not reach the drain. So if ever you still don’t have this in your home, now is the right time to think about its installation.

It would be a big problem if grease would reach your drains. Once clogging would happen, it could result to a lot of expense on your part.

Grease Trap Cleaning

It is good to know that there are now a lot of products available in the market that could help you effectively clean grease trap. These products could deal with the bacteria effectively.

Make sure that you also clean the interceptors thoroughly. This has to be done by a reliable plumber so that the cleaning is done according to the standard.

You certainly do not want to experience all the frustrating effects of unclean grease traps. Riverside Plumbing could help. It would certainly be our pleasure to help you in making sure that your waste in trap is properly eliminated and that it would work efficiently.

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