Water and Energy Saving Plumbing Fixtures: All You Need to Know

The high cost of water and energy saving makes the cost of the building also increases. This makes people think hard to find ways to suppress the cost so their building projects become more efficient. Water and energy saving fixtures are chosen to efficiently lower the building budget. This is the latest design of eco-friendly fixtures that has more benefits if compared to the older ones.

The Benefits of Using Water Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Unlike the older designs of fixtures that available in the market now, the water and energy saving plumbing fixtures offer a lot of benefits for users. The fixtures make it possible for the device to use less water for building purposes. Water efficiency plumbing fixtures are consisted of some devices such as low consumption of shower heads, high – efficiency urinals, dual – flush valve toilets, high – efficiency toilets and waterless urinals.

  1. Shower Head with Low Consumption

If compared to the older designs of the fixtures, this latest design allows you to use a shower head with low consumption of water. By using the device you can save 20% up to 40% of water since it is set to be sufficient with only 1.5 up to 2.0 gallons of water every minute.

  1. High – Efficiency Urinals

High – efficiency urinals system used in the water and energy saving plumbing fixtures make it possible for you to use only 0.5 gallons per flush. It is much safer if compared to the older designs that commonly need about 1.0 gallons of water each time you flush.

  1. Dual – Flush Valve Toilets

The next product is dual – flush valve toilets which have the capability to save water up to 38%. The system used in the device also enables the users to use a low or high volume of water to flush either liquid or solid waste.

  1. High-Efficiency Toilets (HET)

High-Efficiency Toilets or mostly called as HET allows the users to save up to 20% of water per flush if compared to the older designs of closets. Replacing your old toilets with HET will also help you to save up to 60% in water usage.

  1. Waterless Urinals

The water saving plumbing fixtures also come with some waterless urinal models. This kind of device will allow you to lower the consumption of water.

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Energy Saving Plumbing Fixtures

The plumbing fixtures are also available for energy saving purposes. Some of the devices include:

  1. Turbine – Powered  Faucets

The devices make it possible for the water flow to spin a specific turbine placed inside the faucets. This will produce and store the power for the sensor to work automatically. The batteries used a function as a backup system and can work up to 19 years.

  1. Solar – Powered Faucets

The system used in solar – powered faucets allow the devices to take energy from any source both artificial and natural lights. The devices will use the energy to fill the batteries of the faucets. This really saves the energy usage and lowering the frequency to replace the batteries used for the faucets.

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