Lead-free Solders for Drinking Water Plumbing Systems

The plumbing system is probably not your area. However, it is good to know the issues related to this matter. It is including how the government gives some regulations regarding the tools and equipment recommended for the plumbing system particularly the water supply. In 1986, the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments published and enacted a new regulation to ban the use of lead-based solders. The type of solders can be used has been improved and now, there are the lead-free solders. To know more about the history, here is the explanation.

Why were the lead-base solders banned?

Before 1986, the soldiers that are widely used even for the drinking system are made from the tin-antimony and tin-silver. Unfortunately, these soldiers were considered giving some bad effects toward the pure water. Or in other words, it is so pollutant. It is based on the research conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Although the contamination was basically quite tiny, it could spread faster than what they thought. The effects could not be seen instantly. However, it caused certain health problems for particular people with the low immune system after some periods of time. The soft and acidic water in the plumbing system can be more aggressive when it deals with the tools contained certain substances like tin antimony and tin-silver.

Water Plumbing System

What are the solutions to this problem?

Sure, it is basically not a simple thing. When it was known that the lead-based soldiers were one of the contamination reasons, the first thing to do by the government was trying to ban the utilization. It was not an easy thing for sure. Initially, there were some treatments given directly to the water. It was by changing the components of the water to make it non-aggressive. Unfortunately, it could not work in some cases. One of the reasons was that the plumbing system was the main factor why the water was reacted that way.

Next, it was no other choice anyway. The government was then moved to do solder selection. In term of efficiency, there are some reasons why certain solders are used. They are the easiness to use, service condition, and of course the cost. However, since it gave impact to the quality of water, there is one more consideration. There were some soldiers in which the utilization was banned in the plumbing system including the lead-base solders that were really common to be used.

The Use of Free-Lead Solders

Passing through many observations and research, there must be certain solders for the plumbing system particularly the one dealing with the water supply. Here are then the free-lead solders. At the first time this idea was mentioned, people were doubtful whether it could work well or not. Despite it was considered as weaker, the costs needed to spend were also high. However, thanks to the development of technology which is so rapid. In this 2018, it is easier for us and the plumbing system to use this type of solders. The quality is also getting more and more improved as well.


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