Ways on How to do Water Leak Detection on Your Own

One thing is for sure, a leak means expense. If the leak is serious, you will surely face higher expense. You will just be surprise one day on the sudden and unexplained surge in your water bill. With this, it is very important for homeowners to know some methods on water leak detection.

As soon as you suspect that there are leaks in your plumbing, immediately proceed to a thorough investigation. If you think that the leak is under your concrete flooring or buried in your yard, it is best to leave the job to the experts.

Below are tips on how you are going to determine if there are leaks in your home. Knowing these is better than knowing nothing at all.

Find your water meter

The first place that you need to visit when you need to check your plumbing for leak is the water meter. All you have to do is examine your dial. This dial will move when you use water inside you home. So when you turn off everything that uses water in your house, expect that the dial would not move, if you see that it is still moving, it is a sign that there is leak.

When you have detected that there is a leak, good job. There are a lot of homeowners who suffered from expensive damages due to undetected leaks. The main reason is they have no idea with simple water leak detection methods.

Searching for the leak

The best thing that you can do is to check first your toilet for leak. The most common leak is found on the toilet water tank. Check if water is not continuously flowing into the bowl for it could mean a lot of wasted water. If ever you find a leak there, all you have to do is to replace the flapper which is responsible for stopping water on the water tank from going into the bowl.

Next is to check all visible pipes inside and outside your home. See to it that you don’t miss any pipes. Also, you need to inspect all water fixtures and appliances in your home. Make sure that these parts of your plumbing do not have any leaks or damages for it could be the reason why water is wasted.

Look closely into your yard. Is there a part that is different from the rest? If you see an area where the grasses are greener and greater in number, it might mean that a leak is directly below the ground. You could check if the soil on this area is moist. If it is and the other areas are dry, it is definitely a leak.

For leaks that are found below your house, it is best that water leak detection and repair is done by a professional plumber. We at Riverside Plumbing could help. Our plumbers are trained well when it comes to dealing with leaks efficiently and fast.

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